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July - September 2000 Issue 27
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July - September 2000 Issue 27 - Order this back issue from the Back Issues page !!

* Bore Drain Boars
An intrepid hunter puts in the hard yard in Outback Queensland, only to find it's a lot easier to let the pigs come to him!
Scott Haugen.

Bore Drain Boars - page 27 Issue 27

* Backpack Hunting
Often the best hunting locations are very remote and access can be difficult. It is under these conditions that being able to survive with what you can carry becomes important.
Rob Murton.

Backpack Hunting - page 38 Issue 27

* From the Wild to the Wall
Taking a close look at the preparation and mounting procedure required to preserve treasured trophy animals.
John Dunn.

* Exotic Disease Surveillance
by Hunters in Australia

Australian hunters are asked to keep an eye out for symptoms of exotic disease in the animals they hunt.
Richard Mason.

* Kopje Custom Rifles
A look at the fine work being done by a New South Wales artisan.
Breil Jackson.


* Techniques for Hunting Quail
Our Shotgun Editor takes a look at habitat, gundogs, guns, chokes, shot size, preparation and cooking of quail.
John McDougall.

Techniques for Hunting Quail - page 20 Issue 27

* The Territory of Wild Goats
Are wild goats completely nomadic, or do they have a definable home range. The answer could hold the key to securing that big billy you've seen but missed.
Richard Mason.

The Territory of Wild Goats - page 34 Issue 27

* The "Taranah" Hornet
The Assistant Technical Editor describes a new wildcat cartridge he has developed to shoot 40 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets from the .22 Hornet case.
Andy Montgomery.

The "Taranah" Hornet - page 52 Issue 27

* A Week to Remember
Four mates head out from Victoria to Bourke in north west NSW for a week of great pig hunting.
David Cullum.

A Week to Remember - page 68 Issue 27

* Zimbabwe
While it's had its problems in recent times, this country has offered some tremendous hunting.
Jaimie Whitham.


* What's News
Chapuis and Merkel shotguns, Winchester Supreme Hornet ammunition, Remington's Premier .22 Win Mag ammunition, Beretta S682 Gold E, Shorty Hunter rifle, Ashley Scout Scope Mount, RCBS APS Hand Priming Tool, Do-All Traps, Weaver Grand Slam scopes, Swazi Tahr Anorak, Promatic Traps, Browning Knives, Innotek Command Series Dog Training System.

* Grub in the Scrub
Chilli Con Carne

* Secrets of the Sambar
How Sambar use Scent - a Hunter's Perspective

* Wingshots and Sporting
The Duck Season that Wasn't, Review of the NSW "Duck Bill", The Decoy Duffer!, Hunter's Hint - Positioning Duck Decoys

* Ruger Hog Hunt 2000

Secrets of the Sambar - page 57 Issue 27

equipment analysis
* CZ 7.62x39 Carbine

* Lightforce - Lighting up Australia

Lightforce - Lighting up Australia - page 73 Issue 27

* Beretta's New DT10 Shotgun

*Varmint Bullets Barnes Burner VLC

Barnes Burner VLC Varmint Bullets - page 86 Issue 27

* Sako P94S Range Rimfire

Sako P94S Range Rimfire - page 89 Issue 27

* Howa's Stainless Varmint

Howa's Stainless Varmint - page 80 Issue 27

* Forster Co-Ax Reloading Press

* Lynx Mil-Dot 10x42 Scope

* Briley Custom Sporter Shotguns

Briley Custom Sporter Shotguns - page 90 Issue 27

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