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Back Issues 2009

Guns and Game Issue 61 Issue 61: January-March 2009 - click here to see the contents of this back issue -

Jibalbal Buffalo, New Zealand Game Bird Hunting, Bush to BBQ 2, Backyard Smoking, Cyclone Alert, Hunting Crocs in the Territory - 1962, Practice makes Perfect - with a Slug Gun, Firearm Laws Explained, What's News: Holloway & Naughton Britannia Sidelock Shotgun, Winchester Wildcat .22LR, Weatherby Athena D'Italia III Shotgun, Hatsan Torpedo 155 Air Rifle, Swarovski Z6 1-6x24 scope, Remington Premier Accutip Bonded Sabot Slug, Remington Accutip V bullets, Remington Express Rifle Ammunition .338 Lapua Magnum 250 grain Scenar Match, Remington CBEE .22 Long Rifle Hollow Point, Badlands ATV Accessories + giveaway, Beretta Girl Action II, Lymna New Revolution Gun Vice, Luger Jagd NA 3-9x40 Scope, Alpen Pro Series Binoculars, Nikko Stirling Diamond Series Scopes, WeguGFT Recoil Pads, Remington LED Flashlight/lantern +giveaway, Iron Bear Shooting Bench, Do-All .22 Steel roundup Duelling Tree + giveaway, Smart Reloader Extreme Case Preparation Kit, Ridgeline Sniper Hunters Camo Pack + giveaway, Hy-Skor Gun Safes, Otis In-Line Muzzleloader Cleaning System + giveaway, Shooters Ridge deluxe Bipod, Luke's Quest DVD by Wild Country Adventures, North East Hunting Opened for Conservation Hunting, Hunting and Shooting Books Online, Champion Visichalk Target Wheel, Bob Allen Shotgun Accessories. New "Spot the Rabbit" - win a CZ 452 ZKM .22 Classic, Grub in the Scrub - "Bush Bolognese", Secrets of the Sambar - Wallows & Scrapes, Howa Hog Hunt 2009. Equipment Analysis: Browning Mountain Ti .325 WSM, Miroku Mk 10 Grade 3 Sporting, Baikal IZH Single Shot - .222 & .308, Diana 350 Classic Magnum & Diana Panther 31, Fiocchi Ammunition, Docter 8x56 Classic, Predator Camera, FX Cyclone Pneumatic Air Rifle, Lynx Low Powered Scopes + lots more!

Guns and Game Issue 62 Issue 62: April-June 2009 - click here to see the contents of this back issue -

Features: The Night Hunter, The Last Frontier, "Use Enough Gun" - .450 Rigby Rimless Mag, Hunter's Update on Victoria's bushfires, Chamois on a Shoestring, Back to Niall, Hunter's Eden, "German" Swedish Mausers, Double Delight, Bushranger - "Frank Gardiner", Shooting the 28 gauge, Regulars: What's News - Remington 700 Varmint Stainless Fluted, Sako A7, Ruger Predator M77 Hawkeye, Savage Model 25 Lightweight Varminter Thumbhole, Marlin Big Bore Series 1895 SBL, Savage Model 10 Predator Hunter, Remington 700 Tactical Target Rifle, Evanix Blizzard S10 Air Rifle, Armed 28 gauge Under & Over, Wolf Eyes Sniper 260 Hunter Tactical Torch, Leupold VX3 Riflescopes, Hornady Dangerous Game Series Ammunition, MTM Shooting Range Box gGiveaway, Nikko Stirling Nighteater Binoculars Giveaway, Nikko Stirling Super Bright LED, Sightron Scopes , Aimpoint Micro H-1 Red Dot Sight, Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4 Giveaway, Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X-Bullet, MTM Case Gard Mini Digital Reloading Scale, Wild Images DVD's, New Woodleigh Bullets, Armed Air Rifle Model 6B, Dewey Camp Axe, Barnaul Ammunition, Small Arms Handbooks, New Hunting Books Giveaway, Hunter Education Workshop, Otis Life Liner Ceramic Gun Barrel Liner Giveaway, Fold-Up Decoy, 2009 Restricted Victorian Duck Season, "Spot the Rabbit" - win a CZ 452 ZKM .22 Classic, Grub in the Scrub - Fried Fish Fillets, Secrets of the Sambar - Learning to See Sambar, Howa Hog Hunt 2009 Equipment Analysis: Return of the Winchester Model 70 - .270W, Marlin XL7 Light Hunting Rifle - .30-06, Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan - .375 Ruger, Sabatti Alpen Eagle - 12ga, Stoeger X20 .177 Air Rifle, Savage Model 12 .22-250, Mossberg Model 464 Lever Action .30-30, Luger Jagd NA 3-9x40, Pentax Rifle Scopes, Badlands Monster Pack + lots more!

Guns and Game Issue 63 Issue 63: July-September 2009 - click here to see the contents of this back issue -

Features: Use Technology to Bag More Game, Gulf Experience, Rock Rabbits, "Well... that's fishing", A Golden Oldie... The .250-300 Savage, Hunting in Snow and Ice, Fast and Furious Pheasant Flush, Mongolian Ibex, Aya Shotguns, Locating Sambar, Biltong Making Simplified, The Next Best Boar, What's News: Miroku "Field and Game" Limited Edition Mk10 Grade 8, Browning X-Bolt Composite Stalker, Remingotn Mode 700 VTR Desert Recon, Savage MkII Rimfire, Weatherby Vanguard Carbine, Weatherby Vanguard Thumbhole Laminate, Marlin Model XS7, FX Revolution, FX Monsoon, Remington 700 SPS Varmint, Fausti Stefano Shotguns, Escort Shotgun, Swarovski 8x32 WB Traveller Binos, Weatherby Detachable Magazine, Ruger M77 Hawkeye Ultra Light, Ruger Hawkeye Left Hand, Gerber Knives, Lynx Stud Sytem, Leupold Rogue Series Binoculars, Buffalo River Gold Series 18-Gun Safe, Bushranger 40-litre Pack, "The Range Officers Handbook", Short Scrub, New from, Competition Winners, Schmidt & Bender Summit 2.5-10x40, See-Clear Powder Thrower, New from Ridgeline for Winter 2009, Hakko Rifle Scopes, Eilte Gun Cases, Spot the Rabbit winner, NEW "Spot the Rabbit" - win a CZ 452 ZKM .22 Classic, Grub in the Scrub - Scrub-fired Pizza, Secrets of the Sambar - A Day in the Life of a Sambar, Howa Hog Hunt 2009, Mossberg 4x4 - .270W, Browning BLR Takedown - .30-06, Sako A7 - .308 Win, Ruger 77/17 All Weather .17 HMR, Zoli Columbus 12ga, Savage Model 25 .204 Ruger, Wolf Eyes Tactical Flashlights + lots more!

Guns and Game Issue 64 Issue 64: October-December 2009 - click here to see the contents of this back issue -

Hunting Rabbits with Air Arms, Droughtbuster Boars, Packing In, Dream Season for Sambar, 50 Years of the .22 Magnum, Inside Purdey, Let Sleeping Hogs Fly, Sambar of the Chinaman Spur, Giggles, Girls and Grunters, To Hunt Fiordland, Hunting Muskox, What's News: Remington Model 700 CDL Stainless Fluted Limited in .257 Roberts, Webley & Scott 912S 12ga O/U Shotgun, Browning X-Bolt Medallion, Stevens Model 200 & 200 XP Rifle/scope package, Chiappa 1887 Lever Action Shotgun, Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS, Survival Kit, Hatsan AT44-10 PCP Air Rifle, Rossi Tuffy .410, FX Royal Air Rifle, Sixty More Forests Mean 160,000ha More Land Available For Hunting, Remington 700 XHR, Centerpoint Red Dot Sight, Swarovski Z6/Z6i Scopes, Crosman NPSS .177 Carbon Fibre Air Rifle, Leupold RX-1000 Compact Rangefinder, Savage Accustock, Ridgeline Camo Blid, Ridgeline Summer Range, Buffalo River Mobile Cleaning Centre, Camo Power Popper, Firearms Artistry, Courteney Hunter Boots, Wolf Eyes Sea Lion and Pilot Whale Torches, Red Stags Down Under DVD, Svord Knives, Darche Sleeping Bags, Hunting Books, Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullets from Woodleigh, Wild Images - High Country Sambar DVD. Spot the Rabbit - win a CZ452 ZKM .22 Classic. Grub in the Scrub - Pork and Apple Kebabs, Howa Hog Hunt 2009, Equipment Analysis: CZ's Almighty Magnum .505 Gibbs, Escort 12ga Under and Over, Remington 700 VSF .223 , Weatherby MkV Ultralight .257 Wby Mag, Mossberg 817 Thumbhole .17 HMR, FX Monsoon Semiauto Air Rifle, Fausti Class SL U/O 12ga, Sako 85 Varmint Laminated .223, Sightron Rifle Scopes + lots more!

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